Engaging & Entertaining Event Host’s for public events

We’ve enjoyed supporting the brilliant Gung-Ho inflatable 5K event across their UK destinations throughout spring and summer this year. The organisers initially approached us in search of an experienced host to engage, entertain and inform competitors throughout the event and at each of their 2019 UK destinations.

To best meet the budget, we provided a host who could also double up as DJ and play suitable upbeat and energetic music to warm competitors up before each wave and throughout the event. Pete Pinnington hosted most of the dates and for those he wasn’t available for, we provided one of our excellent and entertaining event hosts to cover.

As with all the events we support, we always take a personal interest in our client’s events and aspirations. Pete worked closely with the organisers to ensure we worked well as a team to deliver successful and entertaining events for those attending and spectating.

If you’re planning an event and require an entertaining and engaging host to represent your brand, theme or cause then get in touch. We can provide everything you require including staging, sound, lighting, video production, entertainment and more or just one or two elements. It will certainly be worth exploring before you decide.

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