Channel 4 approach Pete Pinnington

Channel 4 approach Pete Pinnington

Pete had a very interesting call from Channel 4 this morning. It’s probably easier if we let you read how the conversation went. It may sound corny at the start but wait till you see where it ends up:-

“Hello, Pete Pinnington”
  • Channel 4: “Hi Pete, this is Sarah from Channel 4. We listen to your Wire FM radio show in our North West office at Media City Manchester (which entertains us) and we’re also aware that you’re a fun Compere/MC at events. We’ve had a look around your business website and wondered if you’d be interested in helping us with a new TV show we’re putting together?”
  • Pete: “You’ve got me interested, tell me more” (thinking ooh here comes my BIG TV break)
  • Channel 4: “Well as I said, we’re putting together a new TV show on C4 which will be hosted by Gok Wan and we thought you’d be perfect for it.”
  • Pete: “So I’ll be working with Gok Wan – as a side kick or audience warm up guy or something?”
  • Channel 4: “Ooh no – I forgot to ask, are you single?”
  • Pete: “Blimey, you’re forward – we’ve not even met! In answer to your question though I’m not single. Surely if you listen to my radio show you’ll be aware I talk about my two children and the other half?”
  • Channel 4: “Oh yeah we know you’ve got two young boys but we assumed when talking about your ‘other half’ you were refering to someone you’re having some fun with. Otherwise you’d say they’re you’re girlfriend, wife or mrs.”
  • Pete: “Ha ha I’m not married and saying I’ve got a girlfriend is ok if I was in my teens or twenty’s but not in the early 40′s! Anyway, why do you ask?”
Why did they ask?
  • Channel 4: “We thought you’d be great to feature in our new dating show.”
  • Pete: “DATING SHOW!!!! (subconsciously thinking, well that depends on what the pick of the bunch will be – Kiddin of course). I’m flattered but I’ll have to decline on this occasion.”
  • Channel 4: “We understand.”
  • Pete: “If you’re planning a strongman competition, DIY expert, Best Dad’s type of show or show based around radio or the events industry then I am of course your man!!”
  • Channel 4: “We certainly will and we will of course continue to listen to your radio show & follow your social media posts. It was lovely talking to you Pete.”
  • Pete: “And you Sarah. Thanks for calling. Have a great day!”
  • Channel 4: “Bye.”
  • Pete: “Good luck with the show!”

I’ll bet Gok Wan’s gutted! Could be worse I suppose – this could have been for ‘Gok’s Fashion Fix’ or ‘How To Look Good Naked’ shows!!

If you want to recruit Pete Pinnington for anything, mainly event services, but not dating, please get in touch.