Halton Christmas Fireworks 2012

Halton Christmas Fireworks 2012

On Monday 5th November we’re looking forward to once again be providing the PA, entertainment and management aspects of Halton Christmas Fireworks 2012! This FREE event attracts just over 50,000 people who gather on the banks of Widnes and Runcorn to enjoy the spectacular fireworks display, launching from the centre of the historic River Mersey.

On West Bank, Widnes and Mersey Rd, Runcorn we are providing the stage areas, PA, entertainment and host‘s which will entertain the thousands attending up till the fireworks display launches at 7.30pm.

With Live Performances from:-

  • Lucie Evans
  • Olivia Archbold
  • Amy Rose
  • Kelly G
  • Tanya Markie
  • Faith Small
  • Poppy Bridge
  • Natalie Houghton

Pete Pinnington will be hosting and managing Halton Christmas Fireworks 2012 from the Runcorn side.

Following an amazing year for the UK with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, London Olympics and the release of the new James Bond film ‘Skyfall‘, this year’s fireworks theme will be the ‘Best Of British’.

If you’d like to join us then be sure to get there early (West Bank, Widnes/Mersey Rd, Runcorn). The LIVE entertainment starts from 6.30pm and the fireworks start from 7.30pm!

If you need help with your Christmas event, please have a look at our services and get in touch.