Help With Your Beauty Pageant

If you’re planning a beauty contest this year, or need help with planning one, then look no further! Pete Pinnington Presents is  renowned and respected for providing suitable and affordable solutions. It’s what we do best and we can help with your beauty pageant!

We have a team of expert event hosts and event presenters that can narrate your event, entertain your guests and ensure a smooth and seamless flow to your evening. It’s imperative that your event’s host is experienced and entertaining in their role as Compere or MC because they play a pivotal role in holding the event together. Couple this with their comprehensive ability to follow your instruction and direction. Our MCs deliver a relaxing performance and interview the contestants, putting forward the right questions, which in turn helps the judges make their marks and overall decision.

Your event needs to be the success you have been dreaming of and we can make that dream a reality! We can provide you with all the required and necessary staging – including a sturdy and breath-taking catwalk for your models. Our stage backdrops are elegant and sophisticated and really look the part. Our team of expert lighting technicians can deliver a flawless dynamic lighting show that really adds the WOW factor too! We can even take care of your show’s music production, so your night sounds great as well!

We would love to hear your ideas for you next beauty pageant and invite you to share them with us! To discover just how much we can support you and find out just how good our tea and coffee making skills are. Get in touch to arrange a get-together to discuss things further!

We can’t wait to hear from you!