When you need the best event management Manchester has to offer, you need Pete Pinnington Productions. We’re a professional event management company with years of experience and a track record for providing incredible events, and we provide full-service event management in Manchester and all across the UK!

If you’re putting on an event in Manchester, whether that’s a birthday party or an international conference, a sports competition or an awards show, we have the experience and expertise you need to make the event a smooth, successful and memorable one.

We can help you with every stage of the event process, from finding a fantastic events venue in Manchester, to planning the event and arranging logistics, sorting top-quality AV hire in Manchester, managing the event moment-to-moment on the ground, and helping you pack down after and get your deposit back from the venue.

We don’t just plan and manage events, either – we can also provide excellent-quality AV hire, live event entertainment in Manchester or elsewhere, and event photography and video solutions wherever you need them!

If you’re planning an event, or you need one or more of our expert services in Manchester, we’d be delighted to hear from you – our Northwest-based team are always happy to work in such a vibrant city, so give them a call today on 0800 0939 909 or click the “Book Your Event” button below to get in touch with us today!

Live Entertainment Manchester

When it comes to creating a truly unforgettable event, great entertainment is a must – and we can help you source live entertainment that will have your guests talking about the event weeks after it’s finished!

Pete Pinnington Productions have a track record of arranging great live entertainment for events that fits into your budget and boosts engagement levels and guest enjoyment of the event – so get in touch and see what we can do for you today!

We can arrange any kind of entertainment your event needs, from live bands, singers, tributes, DJs, comedians, dancers, magicians and showgirls for parties and shows, to interactive events like roller rinks, inflatable assault courses and more hands-on entertainment for sports days, festivals, carnivals and team-building in Manchester.

Whatever your event needs, we’ll go out of our way to make it happen – and that includes big names, too – looking to have Little Mix or The Saturdays play a party? Or Ricky Gervais to do a stand-up set at your corporate event? We can make it happen. Get in touch today and ask us what we can do for you!

Bespoke Events Manchester

When you’re preparing for an event in Manchester, by far the best approach is to make it a bespoke event, tailored from the ground up to suit your requirements and budget. Bespoke events made in this way are always better than package deals which may not take into account your circumstances, venue requirements, goals and budget, and that’s why we only ever use a bespoke events model in our planning.

All our events are built completely around what you want to achieve and what your budget is, and as the forefront of Manchester’s bespoke event providers, we’re ready and able to help you find the best possible event venue, entertainment and equipment, and build an event plan will accomplish what you need, regardless of the event type. Get in touch today – for a truly unique and memorable event that fits your needs exactly, you need Pete Pinnington Productions.

AV Hire & Event Lighting Manchester

If you want something done right, do it yourself – that’s what we learned when it comes to AV hire and equipment, and it’s why we provide all our own top-quality AV hire equipment for our events.

When you need unbeatable AV hire in Manchester, Pete Pinnington Productions can help – we’re based in the Northwest and able to hire out great AV equipment and expert technicians at very reasonable rates, with everything in place well ahead of the event to give plenty of time for soundchecks and troubleshooting to ensure the event goes without a hitch. They’re also available for rehearsals or run-throughs – just let us know when you’re planning the event and we’ll make sure they’re free!

In addition to full AV hire in Manchester, we also provide expert event photography at Manchester events, event video solutions in Manchester and professional lighting rigs or projection equipment. Whenever your event needs to be a success, Pete Pinnington Productions will help you achieve it!

Manchester Conference Companies

Manchester is sometimes called “the Capital of the North”, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s a vibrant, exciting city that’s always got something going on, a crucial hub for finance and business, and a commercial centre for the UK. It’s easy to see why it’s the obvious choice for conferences – and Pete Pinnington Productions have invested heavily in the experience, contacts and equipment needed to make those conferences a success.

We’re dedicated to providing world-class conferences in Manchester, setting us apart not just from Manchester event management companies, but from other conference providers too!

With years of experience and contacts at the highest levels of Manchester’s events industry, we have the logistics, equipment and acumen to put on fantastic and effective conferences, no matter the client or the size of the event. We can manage the entire event from venue scouting to planning, audio-visual equipment and technicians, floor management and entertainment, and ensure that your conference delivers on its goals while remaining within budget.

If you’d like to know more about our Manchester conference services, give us a call today on 0800 0939 909 or contact us directly at to see what we can do for you!

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