Mr Wire FM leaves after 14 years

Due to the success of my events company, I’ve had the difficult and challenging decision to leave Wire FM after 14yrs, so that I can commit 100% to the further growth and plans for the business.

Here’s what Pete Pinnington Presents does BRILLIANTLY!

Whilst working for Rock FM in Preston, I was approached by the radio group launching Wire FM and invited to be one of the on-air team when it launched on 1st Sept 1998.

I’ve enjoyed every moment throughout my 14yrs with Wire FM. I’ve worked with some outstanding talent and colleagues over the years, enjoyed many on-air and outside broadcasts, met numerous celebrities, gained so many good friends and enjoyed all the ‘freebies’!

Some of my many broadcasting memories with Wire FM include:-

  • The ‘Pinnington Palace’ updates
  • Broadcasting LIVE whilst on a galloping horse at the Warrington Horse Show
  • ‘Kevin In The Garage’ / ‘Queen of Widnes – Audrey Batty’ / ‘Pete Bennett’ & ‘Cuppa’
  • Presenting my weekend show LIVE from a different pub across the area every week. ‘Pub Of The Week’ guaranteed a FREE Sunday Roast every week – washed down with pints of ‘holy water’ of course!
  • LIVE from the annual ‘Disability Awareness Day’ at Walton Hall and Gardens, Warrington
  • Presenting my show whilst virtually naked, lying in a bath of water outside a bathroom showroom – How this got past health and safety, I’ll never know!
  • Broadcasting LIVE whilst abseiling down the side of Warrington Collegiate & parachuting from a plane for charity!

When you consider my broadcasting time with Wire FM, you’d expect the listeners to know my name, oh no! Pinnington seems to have been a tough one to pronounce. I’ve had Paddington, Pilkington, Puddington and even Boxer Frank Bruno struggled!

What Wire FM Had To Say

Pete has been with the station for all of its 14 years on air and has literally been its cornerstone.

In the early years of raising the station profile and shaking hands with the great and good throughout the tsa Pete lead the way. It is true to say that the strong profile Wire enjoys today, both with the loyal listeners and the regular client base has been achieved by good honest hard work and Pete has played a major part in those efforts.

He will be greatly missed and I hope he will remain a strong friend to the station and its staff. I’m sure we will work together on many future projects and I hope you will join me in wishing Pete all the best and thanking him for everything he has done for Wire FM over the years.

– Tony Wilkinson, Managing Director

The Final Show

I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a long period in radio (difficult during cost cutting times) and would like to thank the Wire FM management team for understanding and respecting my decision. It goes without saying that I wish the team and UTV Media all the very best in the future as they continue to deliver brilliant local programming for their listeners!

Pete Pinnington’s FINAL show on 107.2 Wire FM will be Fri 28th Sept 2-7pm

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