Audio Visual Solutions

AV Hire To Provide The Perfect Platform For Your Event

Staging, lighting and sound set the mood for an event. Getting your acts, speakers and award winners front-and-centre, visible and audible to your audience, is key. From simple staging, sound and lighting to futuristic video walls, lasers and live video, you can rely on our audio-visual event services.

We’ve provided stages, sound and lighting to some of the country’s leading names in business, sport and public service. It takes special skill to deliver quality audio and lighting. Our engineers will complete a full site assessment, install all equipment, and control everything from a discreet technical booth.

Pop Up Events

Going outdoors? Not a problem. Our mobile trailer staging is perfect for pop-up events. From festivals to Christmas light switch-ons, events can now take place almost anywhere.

Fully customisable to match your corporate branding, colours or event theme, our staging and lighting solutions are robust, professional and cost-effective. Proper staging, lighting and sound can really make the difference when it comes to a professional-looking, high-quality event and one which looks amateurish – so give the experts a call and let us add glamour to your glittering awards evening or a new dynamic to your show-stopping stage. Talk to us about your technical requirements, and we’ll be happy to make sure you get exactly what your event needs.

Event Photography

Proper event photography means that your events can continue to bring joy and provide high-quality marketing and branding material long after the event itself is over. We always work with experienced and proven event photographers, and we’re happy to accommodate them in your event management to ensure you get the fantastic photos you need for a lasting reminder of your event!

Event Video Solutions

Like good event photography, a good event video solution makes sure your event lives on long after the curtain comes down, and provides a fantastic memory of the big day. If you’re looking for event video production, our experience film teams are available. Whether you’re looking for high-quality footage or fully edited films of your event, our event video camera crews can provide it – give us a call today to find out more!

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AV Hire FAQs

What Locations Can You Provide AV Hire To?

We offer audio-visual solutions for events all across the UK. From AV hire London can rely on for the biggest and most prestigious events, to local events across the North, Pete Pinnington Productions has the audio-visual equipment for any event size – and the expertise to use it!

Are Event Video Solutions Provided?

We can provide event video solutions and event photography if you need them! Good event video or event photography can help an event generate value for far longer than it otherwise could, keep fresh in people’s minds, and serve as a great memento to a great event.

We work with a number of very experienced and talented photographers and film crews, who will be able to record your event and provide you with high-quality images, raw footage or edited film depending on what you need!

At What Stage Of Event Planning Do I Need To Sort My AV Hire?

We can usually provide a solid audio-visual solution for your events with 24 hours notice, but this is subject to availability of equipment and personnel – you shouldn’t leave the success of your event to chance if you can help it! Get in touch with us as soon as possible when planning your event, to make sure we’ve got the maximum amount of time to prepare your equipment and provide you with the best quality sound, lighting and imaging on the day.

Is AV Hire Expensive?

Our business overheads are very low, so we don’t need to charge extortionate prices to cover our costs.

We take pride in how affordable our audio-visual solutions services are, but like most aspects of event management, the cost of your AV hire will depend on what sort of event you’re running, the scale, the setting, and what sort of performance you need. We’re always happy to discuss quotes and pricing with you, so just give us a call on 0800 0939 909 or email to get in touch!

Our prices will always include the equipment hire itself, technical support if needed, delivery, setup and removal, and any custom requirements you need – we don’t do hidden charges or surprise fees at Pete Pinnington Productions.

How Does The AV Hire Process Work?

Once you’ve gotten in touch with us, either by calling on 0800 0939 909 or by emailing, we will help you arrange everything. We’ll go over all the specific details, like what your event is, what the purpose of it is, when and where you’re planning to hold it, the main organiser or brand and expected attendance numbers, which will help us provide the perfect equipment and services to make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ll be able to provide a quote then, which you can factor into your budget, and we’ll book your event in to make sure everything’s available!

Where appropriate, we’ll arrange site visits to your event venue, and meet you to discuss the best placements of equipment and how we can best help you and your event. Feel free to call us whenever you need to if alterations are made to the event or if you realise you need anything else – we’ll be happy to adjust to suit you.

On the day of the event – or the day before, depending on your requirements – our personnel will arrive at your venue and set the equipment up before your start time, so that it’s ready to go when you need it. If you need a technician to stay, make sure to tell us in advance and we’ll make sure an expert sound tech, lighting technician or AV operator is on hand.

After the end of the event, the technicians will take down the equipment and leave the venue by the time agreed, and our account managers will get your feedback on the event.

When Will I Be Able To Use The AV Equipment Setup?

When the setup will be ready to go depends on your event and venue – if your event begins in the early morning, we’d always recommend getting access the night before, so our technicians can set everything up overnight and have time to do all the necessary technical tests. Otherwise, it’ll be a very early start the next morning!

If you need the equipment to be in place for rehearsals or run-throughs, then we’ll need to factor this into our set-up time as well, but don’t worry – we’ll discuss all of this with you when planning your event.

How Long Does Audio-Visual Equipment Take To Set Up?

Setup is always kept quick and efficient by our professional techies, who’re well used to getting into a venue and quickly getting everything ready. We’ll always make sure that your event times are double-checked, and plan everything out so our teams have plenty of time to get your AV solutions just right.

If I Book My Own Musicians Or Entertainment, Can Your AV Techs Work With Them?

We absolutely can – just let us know what entertainment you’ve booked, what instruments they’ll be using and what sound requirements they have, and we’ll take it from there. We can also speak directly to the artist if that’s easier – just make sure to tell us how to reach them!

Can Your AV Solutions Be Set Up For A Rehearsal Or Run-Through?

Absolutely. Let us know when you’re making a booking and we’ll pencil the run-through or rehearsal in. At Pete Pinnington Productions, we love rehearsal runs – they help guarantee that everything will go smoothly on the big day!

Can I Provide My Own Visual Presentation?

Of course you can – just send it to our technicians and they’ll make sure it’s all formatted correctly and ready to go! Make sure to let us know you’re planning to do that, so we can leave enough time to check everything over and make sure it all looks good.

Can Lighting Be Used To Make The Room Match My Brand Colours?

Our AV hire services include lighting – and one of the best uses for that lighting is to change the colour of a setting or venue, which can be used to match the venue to your brand colours.

We can also project your brand logo onto the backdrop of your staging area, or print it and display it during the event, depending on what sort of event you’re throwing and how much you need your brand and logo to be the focus of your audience’s attention!

Is Your AV Hire Equipment Suitable For Outdoor Events?

As the summer comes around and the weather gets nice again, outdoor events become increasingly popular – we’ll be happy to provide those events with all their audio-visual equipment needs, whether it’s a sporting event, a political event, a festival or a large outdoor gathering of any sort. Just give us a call and we’ll sort it out for you!

Can Your Technicians Stay And Run The Equipment During The Event?

They absolutely can – if you need our technicians to help run the AV at your event, just let us know – we can also advise if a technician will be required where appropriate while planning the event. If you’d be more comfortable with one there, just say! We’ll be happy to provide them.