Rugby Super League Grand Final in Manchester 2012

Rugby Super League Grand Final in Manchester

The 2012 Super League Grand Final was held on Saturday 6 October at Old Trafford near Manchester. Pete Pinnington Productions managed the sound and technical requirements for the event.

PPP provided the required microphones for the on pitch entertainment. We also provided pitch side monitors for the performers whilst also managing the stadium’s state of the art sound system. During this we worked closely with Sky Sports TV and the outside broadcast units. Therefore any audio they sent into the stadium was fed cleanly into the PA system was kept at the required level.

Pete Pinnington and our client’s event management company managed all sound rehearsals along with the on-pitch entertainment and the live match.

As you can appreciate, the planning leading up to such a large scale sporting event takes months. We were proud to have worked closely with the event management company and the RFL. During which we ensured our role was fully understood and delivered with professionalism and precision on the day.

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