Rely on Pete Pinnington Productions to make your event spectacular with a range of lighting options. We can offer various levels of support, from single item of lighting, to running the entire AV production for your event.

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Some examples of available lighting equipment:

  • Tungsten PAR Cans – static lights with barn doors to give illumination to just the areas you need
  • LED PAR Cans – used for up-lighting or giving a colour wash
  • Moving Heads – Providing a number of patterns and beams in any direction changing manually or automatically to music or other cues.
  • Batten LED Strips – Often used as up-lighters to illuminate set panels in company colours
  • Battery Powered Up-lighters – Can be set to a colour and placed at regular distances around a room
  • Disco Lighting – Various types including LED Disco Balls, LOVE Letters and smaller LED PAR lights
  • Lighting control desks – to control all the lights from a remote location like the AV station
  • Cabling – to connect everything up and safely power the lights in the venue
  • Stands, Truss and Clamps – For safely hanging lights to at the sides of the room or (if suitable) to the ceiling
  • Flame Machines – Stylish fabric-based flame machines, often used at the entrance doors to the room of the event

Contact us for details of other available lighting equipment.

Need some assistance?

We can professionally and safely install the equipment for you, connect it to your own equipment or give advice on the best solutions for your event and venue.  A team member can also be made available to operate the equipment if needed.

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