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Event Management London, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol

We’re proud to provide industry-leading event management all across the UK – wherever your event is, we’ve built the professional contacts and logistical network needed to make it a success. Give us a call today to talk about events management in your area, or check out our individual area pages below!

Event Management London

Find our London Events Page here.

London is the buzzing, vibrant heart of the UK’s events scene, and home to a mind-boggling array of events every month. If you’re putting on events in London, you’ll need an events team that can compete with the best of them, who can source those hard-to-secure London venues and provide the logistical and planning support to get everything to come together on the day. Pete Pinnington Productions can provide all that and more – just give us a call or check out our London Page for more information!

Event Management Bristol

Find our Bristol Events Page here.

Bristol is a multicultural carnival of a city, as well as a booming business hub for the South and a cultural centre that sets trends the rest of the country will all soon be following – so it’s a city well-used to hosting fantastic events. That’s where we come in – our Bristol Event Management team can help you to find a suitable venue, hire AV equipment, source great local entertainment and even plan and manage the event down to the smallest detail for you if you need it! Give us a call today or take a look at our Bristol Page to find out more.

Event Management Manchester

Find our Manchester Events Page here.

Situated right in the heart of the North, Manchester is a vital crossroads well-known for its parties, events, high-flying business and cultural clout, so if you’re putting on events there, you’ll need an event management company that knows the ropes at your side. Our head office is just by Manchester, so it’s our home turf – we’ll be delighted to help you stage an unforgettable event! Get in touch today or read our Manchester Page for more information.

Event Management Liverpool

Find our Liverpool Events Page here.

Liverpool is known as one of the friendliest cities in the entire UK, and it’s becoming a modern boom town for business, tech, fashion, sports and music – so putting on an event there is sure to be a winning prospect! We’re based just outside Liverpool, and able to offer you the home-team advantage when planning your events in the city – so give us a ring! Whether you’re looking for expert venue finding, great AV equipment or meticulous event planning, we’re here to help. Check out our Liverpool Page for more information!