The Mandalorian

 Pete Pinnington Productions proudly provide our Mandalorian character, complete with Speederbike and puppet Grogu, for private events.

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Bounty Hunter

Pete Pinnington Productions provide the best characters for your event and this character is no exception. We proudly introduce this professional walking talking screen-accurate lookalike and sound-a-like of the on-screen famous bounty hunter character known as “The Mandalorian”. With all the gadgets, sound effects and lights to give the true realistic experience, no expense has been spared to create this intergalactic and futuristic character. The Mandalorian is sometimes accompanied by Yoda-like puppet Grogu.

Mandalorian Character from Pete_Pinnington_Productions
FUN Entertainment from Pete_Pinnington_Productions

Not just any bike

This is not just a bike. This is a “Speederbike”. With over 50 million hits around the world, this Speederbike (thanks to the magic of mirrors) gives the illusion that it’s floating down the street. A three-point speaker system on the bike pumps out multiple iconic sound effects. You’ll hear the sound of the turbine engine as well as the sound of the double barrel blazer cannons on the front of the bike. This is truly a head turner for any event, so book now.

Suitable for many types of event

The Mandalorian is perfect for various events:

  • Shopping centre events
  • Seasonal Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Venue Events
  • Themed Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Brand Promotions
  • Festivals
  • Private Parties

The Mandalorian at a boxing match

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