Supporting Virtual Events 

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Stay at Home

2020 and 2021 will forever be known for COVID-19; the pandemic that shook the world.  At Pete Pinnington Productions we did the responsible thing and followed government guidance to do our bit to help lessen the impact of this devastating virus. Of course that just meant supporting no events at all, or did it?

One positive to come out of lockdown was that people utilised innovative ways to keep in touch virtually. People turned to internet devices, webcams and streaming to continue anything resembling a social life.

Leading by their example we brained-stormed crazy ways of continuing to support conferences, award ceremonies and even run the odd Bingo Bedlam show without anyone actually leaving their respective homes.

Supporting Virtual Events during lockdown with Pete_Pinnington_Productions
Bingo_Bedlam Online. A virtual event by Pete_Pinnington_Productions
Pete Pinnington hosting virtual online awards
Supporting Virtual Events during lockdown with Pete_Pinnington_Productions

How did we do it?

Supporting virtual events during lockdown would mean lots of online planning with clients, mock live rehearsals and tweaking. On the day of the event Pete would be hosting from his home office and streaming music to ‘Producer Pete’ in his home office. At this point graphics and videos would be added along with live guest speakers on behalf of the client. The guests would present awards and opening and closing speeches. The whole thing would be streamed live via Teams or Zoom.

It was different, it was convoluted, it involved more than the usual level of stress, but it worked! Not only that but, in some cases, the event was reaching more people than it would do in a normal social-gathering scenario as the internet obviously is a bit bigger than even the biggest venue.

Post-lockdown, even though normal events have returned, virtual events are still popular and needed in some situations. They can also be mixed where a normal event can be streamed as it happens (known as hybrid events). We have the skills to do both and maximise the experience for those at the event and those attending it virtually.

If you’re interested in Pete Pinnington Productions supporting you with a virtual or hybrid event please get in touch.